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Jenrick extends £9bn affordable housing scheme because of coronavirus

Robert Jenrick has extended the £9bn affordable housing scheme by a year due to the coronavirus.

Homes to be built under the scheme originally needed shovels to be in the ground by March 2022, but today’s announcement means that housing associations and councils have a year longer to begin building these homes while still receiving government support.

The government said that the construction of an estimated 53,000 affordable homes has stalled due to the construction slowdown caused by the pandemic.

Last month, housing associations and sector bodies told social housing publication Inside Housing that greater clarity was needed from government on the status of funding for the scheme.

Jenrick said: “We’ve listened closely to the sector and agreed that there will now have a longer deadline for using Government funding to get these homes built. Building the homes the country needs is central to the mission of this Government as we prioritise uniting and levelling up the country.”

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